Are You Ready to Break Through Overwhelm and Start Making Money Doing What You Love?


  • Are You Stuck in Confusion and Indecision?
  • Do You Want the Big Secret to Clarity?
  • Need a Breakthrough Strategy to Take Your Passion to the Masses?

Stop Struggling and Start Making Money!

MIND MAPPING is the ANSWER! It’s simple, fun, and provides a new way to re-think, re-organize, and re-invent your business strategies.

Stand out in today’s challenged business environment!

Catapult Your Business to the Next Level!

Mind Map Your Way from Passion to Prosperity

This 10 video webinar series teaches basic Mind Mapping for Business skills that show you how to…

  • Conceptualize your Big Idea into a Workable Plan
  • Cast your Vision for Clarity, Focus, and Direction and to magnetically Attract Customers
  • Clarify Profit Making Strategies that Provide Solutions and Produce Results
  • Coordinate Tactics to Leverage your Time and Resources…and know what actions are critical for success
  • Communicate your Brand for Visibility, Influence, and Profits
  • Construct your Marketing Funnel with ease
  • Complete your Business Toolbox for efficiency
  • Create Products and content effortlessly
  • Collaborate and Innovate for Higher Productivity
  • Connect your People Network and Digital Data for Lasting Relationships and Instant Recall

Presented by Leta Russell, the Business Launcher, and guests trainers:


Diyana Alcheva and Glenn Arcaro, tactical marketing and video experts and creators of Social Media Buzz with Video

Emma Tiebens, The Relational Marketer, specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to create a V.I.P. Brand that is Visible, Influential and Profitable

Pam Brossman, founder of SheExperts, video marketer, social media marketer, best-selling author, and product creation expert

Teach Jim, BlogTalk radio host and online collaboration and productivity coach

Pat & Lorna Shank, The Coolest Couple, showing us how to use The Brain

And there is real hands on mind mapping demonstrated live with participants so you can watch how it’s done! These webinars are packed full of information that I wish I’d had when I started planning and launching my business! And a whole lot more…

I couldn’t help myself; I wanted you to have as much value at your fingertips so that you didn’t have to go searching for more missing puzzle pieces.

So, I’ve put together some extra bonuses for you…



1 full year membership in the Business Launch Cafe

This is a $37/mo membership

But it’s Yours FREE for 12 months



PDF Document Download of Webinar Presenter Mind Maps

Mission and Vision Templates and  Bonus Video on Getting Started

Links to Business Toolbox Resources

So that’s already over $500 worth of free bonuses – and that’s not all…



To help you get off to a great start…

1 x 45 min.Mind Mapping Strategy Session

 ($375  Value) 


That’s over $800 total in extra bonuses with your purchase


Mind Map Your Way from Passion to Prosperity


Buy Now and See How Easy It Is to Mind Map the Launch of Your Business Success!


Price: $ 247.00


One more thing…

Just in case you’re not 100% sure if you’re making the right decision, I’d like to take 100% of the risk away from you and put it ALL on my shoulders.

How am I doing that? Simple…check it out!

Zero Risk for You

- No Questions Asked -

100% Money Back Guarantee

If there is any reason you feel like this package of 10 videos and mind maps didn’t meet your expectations, then please contact us immediately for a prompt and swift refund. I don’t want one single person to ever complain that I have taken a single dollar from somebody that I didn’t deserve.

So there you have it…You’ve really got nothing to lose, right?

I want to cheer you on! Let’s Launch!


Dave Coggin wrote

"One of the biggest challenges I was facing when I started working with Leta was overwhelm – information overload without any specific focus. Leta helped me prioritize the order of steps that I needed to take to create the structure needed to build my business. She has been (and continues to be!) the ideal combination of coach, consultant and mentor - always wearing the right hat at the right time."

Kim Eisen shares...

"Hey Leta – I just had to share. After connecting with you I watched a webinar and it got me excited about organizing my book. So, I spent a few days checking out mindmaps and in the last 24 hours I just set up a whole business success setup mindmap for my clients to follow and we can collaborate."

Morris Fisher posted

"Great Mind Mapping webinar tonight. It is good to see the big picture. My mind was spinning so fast with Ideas about how to launch my business it hurt. You are doing a great job and have excited me about the possibilities."

Tamara Jones emailed

This is helping me get more clarity in the direction I want to take my business. Thank you for getting back and thank you for the wealth of material you are providing.

Alan Messegee posted

Help me! I've started mind mapping and I can't stop! My mind was racing this morning, so I dumped it all out into a mind map on my phone. Now I can go to work (my day job) and focus, not having to worry about losing my thoughts. Thanks, Leta